• Hana Food Service 534 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY

    This place looks like an ordinary deli outside, but inside, at the grill station, they have a sandwich menu that is like an acid trip. Concoctions I have never even conceptualized but are the perfectly gluttonous creations you're seeking at the end of a night of drinking.  They have standard sandwiches too but everything is made well and with care which is not something you necessarily expect from a place like this.  This all being said, I have only gone late night when I know the good grill guy is working and watching him work is like art. I cant vouch for their daytime sandwich makers.
  • Pies 'n' Thighs 166 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY

    Chicken biscuit. That's all you need to know here.  Freshly fried chicken cutlet topped with hot sauce and honey butter and weded into a buttery, flaky biscuit. YES!
  • Traif 229 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY

    Bacon dulce de leche doughnuts with maple coffee ice cream. Need I say more?  Everything here is non kosher and delicious.  Pork, shellfish, crazy concoctions that bring both together.  It's all unique but all well thought out and the only thing you need to do is show up with friends to share with (most food is tapas style) and enter with an open mind
  • The Meatball Shop 170 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY

    Go in for a smash, a slider, a bowl of spaghetti or a hero, however you take your meatballs, rest assured they wont break the bank.  This place is also open late for some booze-soaking action.  The best balls, IMHO, are the spicy pork with the spicy sauce. I'd go with those on a hero or smash with melted provolone (not fresh mozz).
  • Mexico 2000 Grocery 367 Broadway Brooklyn, NY

    Mexican grocery that also has a dirt cheap and super authentic tauqeria in back. Skip the tamales, they were dry, and stick to freshly prepared tacos and mexican sandwiches. Grab a beer from the fridge or a Mexican soda or a horchata. Relish the fact that you will eat big for under $20.
  • Radegast Hall and Biergarten 113 N 3rd St Brooklyn, NY

    This expansive open air beer garden is covered by a roof and walls but has big open windwos and usually has a band playing some music, but you're here for the big ass beers and the big ass hot German pretzels, salty and brushed with butter and served with perfectly spicy mustard.  I also strongly recommend any of the brats and a big heaping order of fries.  Nothing is going to hurt your wallet much giving you max time to focus on drinking.  Thats why you're really here after all!
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  • Cariño 82 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY

    Amazing fish tacos, homemade gorditas with homemade chorizo, great drinks and frinedly staff. Need I say more?
  • Crif Dogs 555 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY

    Bacon wrapped deep fried hot dogs. How can you go wrong? Open until 4am on weekends, gluttony at its finest Dont forget to order tater tots too. I like mine with chili cheese and jalapenos..
  • Williamsburg Pizza and Restaurant 214 Ross St Brooklyn, NY

    This place may be small and their slices may be mainly square, but the flavor is BIG and the vibe is COOL and FUN.  They make a lot of "grandma" style slices (a not too airy, less doughy Sicilian slice) and offer a wide variety of toppings. They also offer some circle shaped pies too for your classic slices, but you're here for their Grandma slices! Its a family run place so the vibe is friendly.  Save room for a brownie in the jar on the counter!
  • Best Pizza 33 Havemeyer St Brooklyn, NY

    The white slice! Oh, the white slice! Everything's great here but the white slice with sesame seeded crust and caramelized onion on the slice is what you'll remember most.  The meatball hero is also excellent as are the garlic knots.  Super cool place, small though and popular so beware on evenings and weekends.

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