How To Replicate The Viral TikTok Cracking Latte At Home

What better way to elevate your food and beverages than to turn them into a tactile, sensory experience? The cracking latte, a food trend on TikTok, is based in that exact sentiment. The trend has quickly blown up, appealing to both foodies and ASMR junkies throughout the internet. The premise originally took off in Thailand, but it has undoubtedly grown into an international phenomenon. You can enjoy this newfangled beverage in a pliable plastic cup coated in frozen chocolate and filled with an iced latte of your choice. The fun part comes right before drinking. You squeeze the outside of the cup and enjoy the feel, sight, and sound of the chocolate shell cracking up and mixing into the chilled beverage. One TikTok creator demonstrates this process in all its "sense-ational" glory.


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Viewers have expressed enthusiasm for this idea and an eagerness to try it themselves, with comments ranging from "this would heal me" to "I need this now." TikTok has not yet built tasting through the phone screen into their algorithm, but luckily, the cracking latte is incredibly easy to replicate at home.

Assembling your own cracking latte is easier than you think

To create your very own cracking latte, all you need is a freezer, some chocolate (milk, dark, and white all work ... even blond chocolate will do), and the ingredients for your favorite iced latte. When it comes to the latte, choose a flavor that speaks to you. You can go with a classic espresso, or brighten it up with a vibrant green matcha or even ube — the sweet purple tuber. Mixing and matching latte and chocolate flavors is a vital part of the fun.


You will also need to use a disposable plastic cup. It is flexible so you can squeeze it and break up the chocolate shell, and it is clear, so you can watch the cracking magic take place. Melt the chocolate (you should use three to four ounces depending on the size of your cup and how thick you want your shell to be). For the most optimal cracking experience, be sure to temper the chocolate. The gradual heating and cooling process makes the final product snappier and easier to keep its shape in the cup. 

Line your cup with the melted chocolate. You can spread it with a spoon or tilt and spin, allowing to do its thing. After the inside of your cup is coated in chocolate, pop it into the freezer until the chocolate solidifies — about fifteen minutes, and prepare the iced latte during this time. Finally, fill the cool cup with the drink, and get cracking.