Why People Walking Out Of Chipotle Mid-Order Has Become A Trend

Since opening its doors for the first time in 1993, Chipotle has impressed customers with simple, fresh ingredients and generous portion sizes. The chain has enjoyed impressive sales over the years because devoted consumers appreciated a high quality, quick-serve option. The founder, Steven Ells even proved wrong a number of naysayers who doubted the entire business model. However, as food prices rose across the U.S. in recent years, restaurants have been experimenting with different ways to cut costs, and many aren't happy with the restaurant chain's approach doing so.


In the last few weeks Chipotle has been catching flack from customers for being stingy with ingredients. People have noticed how the portion sizes of the meals they have ordered for years seem to be shrinking, and in retaliation have taken to recording the preparation of their orders.


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While videos of the type have been numerous lately, this is an example of once-loyal patrons of the Mexican restaurant walking out mid-order when they see their order being made with less meat and veggies than they're accustomed to. 


Chipotle's cost-cutting strategy is causing backlash

Many factors have contributed to rising food costs over time, and one result of this is restaurants raising its menu prices. Chipotle is no different in that regard and has increased the prices a of core items a few times in the past years to offset inflation. Rising prices never sits well with customers, but most understand it's a problem beyond the restaurant's control. However, when Chipotle consumers noticed the sizes of their meals shrinking, that was a step too far.


Many disgruntled patrons have taken to video recording while placing orders for bowls or the chain's iconic foil-wrapped burritos, and if the serving sizes aren't up to snuff, they walk out of the establishment and post the videos online. This has become a bit of a viral boycott as people on social media call for others to avoid the restaurant altogether or participate in the walkouts if they are similarly disappointed. 

Chipotle may be getting wise to the complaints

As more people are jumping on the bandwagon to hold Chipotle accountable, another recent TikTok video has emerged showing a customer having an order made with portions that would satisfy even the largest of appetites. The employee behind the counter mounds cooked veggies and tasty looking steak onto the dish as the purchaser voices approval of the size, but some of the comments on the video indicate there may be more going on than meets the eye.


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One commenter claimed they were an employee at Chipotle, and their manager instructed them to make full orders if they saw a customer with a phone out. Some other comments on the video back up this claim, though others seem to think the popular restaurant chain simply received the message that consumers are unhappy with the recent decline in portion sizes. 

Whether this is a top-down pivot or an attempt at damage control for this new form of bad press, at the moment, it's difficult to say. In the meantime, if you're looking for a grande-sized meal from Chipotle, it may be worth following the lead of the top commenter who plans to bring two phones with them for their next order.