Why McDonald's Really Discontinued Its Snack Wraps

Long ago, McDonald's offered its fan-favorite Snack Wrap. The item was a warm tortilla stuffed with lettuce, shredded cheese, sauce, and juicy fried chicken — and people were (ba da ba ba ba) lovin' it. Then, without warning in 2016, they disappeared. Customers pleaded with (and even petitioned) Mickey D's to bring back its beloved Snack Wraps, but to no avail.


Discouraged consumers wondered for years why their cherished wrap fell out of the fast food giant's favor, but the answer is simpler than you may think. According to a TikTok vid from former McDonald's corporate chef, Mike Haracz, the Snack Wrap was discontinued due to "operational complexity," which is corporate speak for: They were too difficult to make. 


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Considering how McDonald's serves its customers, it makes sense that this complexity would pose a problem. McDonald's prides itself on getting customers their food quickly, and if even one popular menu item is holding up the line, something has to change. Patrons across the U.S., however, haven't ceased their complaints about one of their favorite snacks being discontinued, and it seems as though McDonald's has finally developed a solution to appease the masses.


McDonald's Snack Wraps are returning ... sort of

Coming in just behind its crowd-pleasing french fries, McDonald's iconic chicken nuggets are its second-most popular menu item. Customers are choosing chicken over beef these days, and Micky D's has taken notice. It's currently planning to expand its chicken sales by promoting McNuggets, as well as its McChicken, McCrispy, and McSpicy sandwiches. By the end of 2025, it intends to make the McCrispy available at almost all locations worldwide. It also plans to take the McCrispy to new heights by offering it in the form of wraps and tenders.


The McCrispy — and its bacon-topped sibling — aren't quite the same as the original Snack Wrap. McDonald's website describes the McCrispy as a "southern-style fried chicken sandwich" topped with crinkle-cut pickles on a potato roll. How McDonald's plans to incorporate this popular menu item into a wrap while avoiding the "operational complexity" that was an issue before is anyone's guess. As of this writing, the chain has not yet announced when it will debut, although according to a press release, the McCrispy sandwich will be available in practically all markets by the end of 2025. In the meantime, rival fast food chains have capitalized on the Snack Wrap's absence.

Competitors have filled the Snack Wrap vacuum

Burger King, upon noticing all the attention McDonald's discontinued Snack Wrap was receiving, decided to join the action with its own interpretation: the Royal Crispy Wrap. This Snack Wrap doppelgänger features crispy white chicken, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a flour tortilla — essentially a smaller version of B.K.'s Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich. Its appearance mirrors McDonald's wrap, though mixed reviews indicate that it doesn't quite stack up to the original.


Wendy's sells a rendition of McDonald's once-beloved menu item in its Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap. Its ingredients mimic those in the Mickey D's version, with the exception of its herb-marinated chicken being grilled instead of fried. What's actually different about Wendy's adaptation is the price. At $5 to $6 a piece, this quick dining option is nearly triple the price of the original Snack Wrap.

Known primarily as a dessert stop, Dairy Queen also serves patrons savory options, including its Ranch Chicken Wrap. With seasoned chicken strips, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and ranch dressing all rolled up inside a flour tortilla, this may be the closest thing to a McD's Snack Wrap out there. Priced between $2 and $3 each, D.Q.'s option also shares the original's affordability. If you can't wait for McDonald's to roll out its McCrispy wrap, D.Q. might be the next best thing.