Rolland Judd

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Grand Junction, Colorado
Boise State University
Indian Cuisine, Kitchen Gadgets, Cooking Hacks
  • Rolland is a culinary professional with over fifteen years of experience.
  • He trained through the Global Chef program where he learned about unique food and food preparation techniques from chefs in countries such as China, Jamaica, Vietnam, Sweden, Finland, and more.
  • Rolland also specially trained in cooking Indian cuisine by acclaimed chefs Naveen Anchanta and Ragid Jaggi.


Rolland worked as a professional in the culinary industry for over fifteen years. After getting his feet wet as a line cook, he traveled to the East Coast where he assumed managerial roles, accelerated his food education, and, for the first time in his life, tasted fresh ocean fare. Once he'd had his fill of fresh seafood, Rolland migrated inland to landlocked Colorado where he worked in various culinary establishments, from time-tested community staples to brand-new endeavors sparked from the dreams of aspiring restaurateurs. After staying strong in the culinary world through 2020, Rolland moved to beautiful Palisade wine country where he decided it was time to hang up the apron and trade the knife for a pen, utilizing his skills with the written word to write about his culinary journey and knowledge.


Rolland has a bachelor's degree in English from Boise State University.

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