Stop Throwing Out Leftover Ramen Broth And Make Eggs Instead

Unless you're the type of person who measures out exactly how much water to add to their instant ramen, you probably end up with leftover broth every so often. While you could technically sip on the broth on its own, let's be honest, it's not quite as filling or enjoyable without the noodles. The good news is a simple ramen tip has been circulating around TikTok that proves you can actually make a second meal out of it as long as you have some eggs on hand.


The easiest way to give leftover ramen broth a new life is simply by combining it with a couple of eggs, scrambling it all together, and popping it all in the microwave. Though you might assume this would leave you with egg drop soup, the broth reduces as it cooks the eggs. Instead of a soup, it results in something that resembles a Japanese steamed egg dish called chawanmushi.

What is chawanmushi?

Chawanmushi, much like the viral TikTok hack, is also made with soup broth and eggs, according to Just One Cookbook. However, instead of leftover ramen broth, fresh dashi broth is used along with soy sauce, mirin, and salt. The ingredients are scrambled together and transferred into smaller ramekins that are then cooked on the stove over low heat inside a larger pot filled with water. After about 20 minutes, the egg and dashi mixture will have firmed up, leaving behind a custardy steamed omelet.



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The key to making chawanmushi, even if you're using leftover ramen broth and cooking it in the microwave, is to use the right ratio of eggs to broth. For best results, stick to using one egg for every three parts broth (or two and a half parts broth if you prefer a firmer consistency). The actual amount you use will vary based on how much leftover broth you have, so if you plan on measuring it out exactly, keep in mind that one large egg is equivalent to about four tablespoons or a fourth of a cup.


How to further upgrade ramen broth eggs

If your leftover ramen broth still has bits and pieces of vegetables or meat, adding eggs alone should be plenty flavorful, but if you want to really level it up, there are a number of other tasty ingredients you can incorporate. TikToker users have suggested adding a splash of milk for a creamier texture, while others recommend adding sesame oil and sesame seeds. Both options will yield flavorful results, but for a more chawanmushi-inspired taste, consider adding ingredients that are traditionally used in the Japanese dish.


When making chawanmushi, in addition to whisking soy sauce, mirin, and salt into the egg and dashi mixture, it's common to line the bottom of the ramekin with fish cakes, mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, and vegetables such as carrots and edamame beans (per Chopstick Chronicles). The same flavors will work just as well in the TikTok version, especially if you're a fan of heartier omelets. So give it a go! Combining a tried-and-true silky omelet recipe with a new tech-spread version is sure to create some interesting and almost certainly delicious results.