Eggnog Jell-O Shots Are The Boozy Way To Get In The Holiday Spirit

Whether it's store-bought or homemade, there's nothing quite like a rich, frothy, cup of eggnog to help you usher in the holiday spirit this time of year. In fact, Americans consume around 240 million cups of the stuff annually, which is quite impressive when you consider we're really only drinking it about 2 months of the year. Even though it's a treat we look forward to, there is always the possibility of growing tired with the consistency of a certain food or drink. As luck would have it, culinary innovators are always hard at work behind the scenes reinventing the old into something new, which is how we're able to enjoy exactly the drink we're discussing today: the eggnog Jell-O shot.


That's right, holiday imbibers can rejoice that eggnog, Jell-O, and alcohol have finally been combined into one festive shot that is sure to get anyone into the spirit of the season with one slurp. Today, we'll take a closer look at some different ways to make this yummy, yuletide concoction, and the single way one can enjoy it: by slugging it down with an inevitable smile on your face.

How to make eggnog Jell-O shots

While eggnog Jell-O shots aren't necessarily on the International Bartenders Association's list of official cocktails, that shouldn't stop you from making them a deliciously decadent part of your next Christmas party. The best part is that, as mixed drinks go, these shots require relatively little by way of ingredients. In fact, if you've already got your mittens on some eggnog, gelatin, RumChata, and brandy, then you're essentially all set for the base of the drink. Since the Jell-O corporation unfortunately doesn't manufacture a pre-made eggnog flavor (we can always dream) you'll have to set the gelatin in the eggnog and other liquids to get that expected jiggly consistency. 


Once you've brought a carton of eggnog and a packet of unflavored gelatin to a boil, add ¾ cup of RumChata, ¼ cup of brandy, and sprinkles of nutmeg, cinnamon, or really any spices you'd like to use to add a wintry zing. Jell-O needs time in the refrigerator to set, so once you've poured your shot glasses (with optional cinnamon stick or candy cane garnish for extra flair) place them in the fridge for around two hours. By then, they should be nice and chilled and ready for not only a whipped cream topping, but for your holiday party guests' "oohs and ahhs"! 

Eggnog's rich, frothy origins

The combination of eggnog and Jell-O is certainly novel, but eggnog on its own has been right at home around the winter months for a long time. It first originated as early as medieval times in England, where monks and dignitaries would concoct a drink fashioned from eggs, sherry, and figs used to toast the wealth of its drinkers. It was later on in the United States, however, where high-priced sherry was scarce, when the addition of cheaper whiskey and rums were used to booze up the already hearty beverage. Eggnog is now, of course, enjoyed without alcohol by just as many consumers, and its delicious taste and filling quality proves that even without liquor, a frosty glass of eggnog is a tantalizing treat no year-end celebration should be without.


However, the future of eggnog isn't solely in liquid form. Serving up a tray of delicious eggnog Jell-O shots at your next holiday function is certain to liven up even the grinchiest of guests. In addition to, or perhaps because of, these shots, you'll want to make sure there's ample room by the Christmas tree for adequate rockin' around. You're going to need it!