Dessert Pizza Somehow Looks Even Better Than Its Savory Counterpart

A slice of pizza feeds the soul as much as it feeds the body. Whether it's a triangle or square, extra saucy or extra cheesy, thin-crust or deep-dish, no meal packs as much pizzazz as pizza. 

Since its emergence in Naples in the 18th century, pizza has grown into a phenomenon with many delicious denominations, dessert pizza being among the most delicious. There are many facts you probably never knew about pizza, and its ability to transform into a decadent dessert is probably up there. A typical pizza is a signature of the savory category; it may seem ludicrous to bring pizza into the sweet category, but dessert pizza does just that. 


While pizza in its most classic form is made with a bread crust, tomato sauce, and cheese, pizza is more of a concept than a rigid recipe. Your crust is your canvas, and with a few sweet toppings and a creative vision, you can craft a dessert pizza that looks even more scrumptious than its savory counterpart.

An ever-evolving concept

Though dessert pizza may sound like total sacrilege to a professional pizzaiolo, it is a concept that has been around for a while and is here to stay. Chocolate-themed restaurant chain Max Brenner first popularized the idea of a dessert pizza with its iconic Chocolate Chunks Pizza. The pizza features melted white and milk chocolate chunks on a warm, doughy crust and a range of topping choices, including roasted miniature marshmallows and crunchy hazelnut bits. The Pizookie, served in multiple flavors at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse chain, takes the concept of dessert pizza to the next level with its cookie crust base. The "world-famous" dessert has earned the BJ's brand household name-level recognition and plenty of knock-off Pizookie recipes, like one from TikToker @peaceofconfectionary.


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It's as easy to replicate at home as pressing cookie dough into a skillet pan, baking, and topping with a cooling scoop of ice cream. Likewise, a Max Brenner-style dessert pizza requires a plain crust, some melty chocolate, and a few of your preferred toppings.

Making a dessert pizza of your own

When it comes to crafting your dream dessert pizza, you can take inspiration from Pizookies and other restaurant dessert pizzas past. Some of BJ's most popular Pizookies include Strawberry Shortcake made with a sugar cookie base, strawberry sauce, and real strawberry chunks, and Cookies N Cream made with a double chocolate chip cookie and a dollop of cookie crumble buttercream.


Or, you can craft an original, mouthwatering masterpiece. With a base and toppings of your choice, a dessert pizza is an easy, fuss-free, and fun dish to construct. There are many types of chocolate and ways to use them, and sprinkling or spreading them atop a pizza crust is one way that you should not overlook. One TikTok video demonstrated a dessert pizza rendition using Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread as its pizza 'sauce' and sliced fruit as its toppings.


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The video not only shows how simple a custom dessert pizza can be to assemble but also how fun it can be to do with a partner. Just like a dessert pizza can feature whatever you want, the dessert pizza-making experience can be whatever you want.