The Utensil Trick For Opening Wine Without A Corkscrew

Imagine you're at a gathering — perhaps a celebration of some sort or an intimate night in with close friends. Someone brings out a bottle of wine, and everyone perks up at the opportunity to sip and savor the fine flavors inside. You scan your surroundings for a corkscrew so you can get that sipping started. But after what becomes a frantic and desperate search, you resign yourself to the reality that one isn't going to materialize. 


For any wine enjoyer, from those fluent in every red wine you would ever need to know (or every white wine), to those who just anyone who enjoys a glass here and there, the frustration and disappointment of the scenario is palpable. It may be why some folks claim screw tops are superior on wine bottles

However, if you find yourself with a corked bottle and without a corkscrew, you need not fret — all you really need is a fork and knife. With a few simple maneuvers, you can use these commonplace utensils in lieu of a corkscrew to get that bottle open and the wine flowing.

That cork is no match for a fork and knife duo

Not only is this cork opening with no cork-opener hack easy, but it also requires two common utensils: a knife and fork. To get that cork out of the bottleneck, jam the knife directly downward into the cork. With the help of the fork, the knife does not need to go deep in — just deep enough to get a firm grip that will make the cork budge. Slide the fork perpendicularly across the knife so the blade is in between prongs, and twist the fork around. You can find many visual demonstrations of this hack, like the TikTok video below:



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As the video shows, the fork acts as a handle to crank out the cork. A metal knife and fork are ideal since the durable materials can maneuver a tightly-wedged cork, whereas plastic utensils will surely snap before getting the job done. 

More cork-popping solutions where that came from

If, somehow, you find yourself without a fork and knife (on top of finding yourself without a corkscrew), there are still many other ways for you to get that pesky cork out of the bottle. A metal house key can do the trick just as easily—simply insert it into the cork, and twist to pull the cork out. Be sure to insert the key at an angle rather than straight down for optimal leverage. Or, if you feel like trying a more dynamic technique, the shoe-and-wall method is just as tried and true. A winemaker illustrated the ease and effectiveness of this hack in a TikTok.


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To get the cork loose, bang firmly, but gently. The shoe's heel acts as a shock absorber to keep the bottle in one piece. Even if you do not have the precise tool you are told you need, leverage, simple physics, and one or two other everyday items are all you actually need. The same is true for beer nights as well.