Eleanor Chalstrom

Photo of Eleanor Chalstrom
Ames, IA
Iowa State University
Meal Prepping, Grocery Budgeting, Celebrity Chefs
  • Eleanor once cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner in her micro college kitchen for the sake of an article.
  • She is passionate about Midwestern breakfast restaurants and searching for the best Bloody Mary out there.
  • Eleanor developed multiple recipes for publications with her favorite being an "Anything But The Kitchen Sink" salad.


Eleanor has worked in professional and student media for four years while getting her degree. She served her school newspaper, the Iowa State Daily, as a reporter, lifestyle editor, and managing editor. Eleanor also apprenticed at EatingWell.com and interned at BobVila.com through the American Society of Magazine Editors. She loves to cook meals in her spare time and considers herself an expert in grocery shopping on a budget.


Eleanor is currently a senior at Iowa State University, where she studies journalism and political science with a minor in history.

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