Samantha Sied

Photo of Samantha Sied
Alexandria, VA
Oregon State University
Event Planning, Wine And Craft Beverages, Food Science And History
  • Samantha sometimes describes herself as a "reformed kitchen-phobic" who got over it by immersing herself in taking cooking classes, reading cookbooks, and binging YouTube and TikTok cooking videos.
  • She appreciates the power of food and drinks to bring people together and transform a simple gathering into a celebration.
  • Always experimenting with new recipes or trying restaurants, Samantha loves simple no-cook recipes such as smoothies and salads. She's still working on creating the perfect Caprese salad or avocado smoothie bowl.


Prior to freelancing as a writer, Samantha worked in the events field and was a food and wellness blogger. Around that time she also became interested in cooking and reviewed cookbooks, she tested at least one recipe from each cookbook in the process. Little did she know, this would lead her on a new path as a writer. While writing for a regional alt newspaper, she had the opportunity to interview farmers, fishers, food scientists, brewers, and winemakers who combine traditional craft with modern innovation. She has written interview-based features, short updates, original news, and expert tip listicles for online and regional publications, including Mashed, Daily Meal, The Local Dish, the Corvallis Advocate, and Wine4Food.


Samantha values her liberal arts education, as it gave her space to develop research and writing skills while exploring the world of ideas.

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