13 Gas Stations With Food That's Just As Good As Your Destination

If you're planning a road trip, one of the things you might be worried about is where you'll stop for food along the way. Finding good food when you're away from home isn't always easy. And, when you have a tight schedule on the road, sitting down to eat at an unknown restaurant can always be a gamble. Beyond the worry about whether the food will actually taste good, your entire day could get thrown off by slow service. Fortunately, there are several gas stations that actually have some really good food options.


Plan to stop at one of these the next time you're traveling. From delicious fried chicken at Royal Farms, made-to-order burgers, breakfast sandwiches at Sheetz, and a hot or cold hoagie from Wawa, there are so many amazing gas station options where you can eat surprisingly well. Plus, in addition to enjoying a quick and tasty meal, you'll also be able to fuel up your car and get back on the road in no time flat.

1. Royal Farms

If you're lucky enough to live along the East Coast in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or North Carolina, then you may already know that Royal Farms is more than just a gas station. If you don't live in one of these states — but are going to be visiting or driving through them — then make sure you plan to stop by to refuel both your car and your belly.


Royal Farms is most well-known for its fried chicken. Instead of starting from frozen, as you'd probably expect from a gas station, the company always uses fresh chicken. After hand-breading each piece with a secret concoction, the chicken is pressure-cooked. And, even better, it keeps making the chicken all day long. So, you'll be able to find it hot and ready for you no matter when you stop by. In addition to its famous fried chicken, Royal Farms also sells subs and wraps along with several side options like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and hand-cut Western fried.

2. Love's Travel Stops

If you've traveled nearly anywhere in the United States, chances are that you've at least driven by a Love's Travel Stop before. After all, it has more than 600 locations across 42 different states. But, you may have just assumed the food wasn't worth the stop and just carried on down the road. If so, you should reconsider that the next time you have the opportunity to visit a Love's Travel Stop.


One of the best things about these ubiquitous pit stops is all of the great food options. Many have fast-food restaurants right inside, but some of the best dining options you'll find come directly from Love's itself. If you're just in need of a quick snack, you'll find several options, including salads or delicious fruit or vegetable cups. Hungry for a full meal? No problem. Love's has you covered there too with hot dogs straight off the roller grill, breakfast and lunch tacos, hot breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and more. Of course, you can also grab yourself a cup of coffee or a fountain drink for the road.

3. Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's has been around for over 40 years, and continues to grow in popularity. It's added several new locations, and now operates dozens of locations across Texas, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. When you have the chance to stop at one of these locations, don't miss it. If you're hungry, you won't be hurting for options at Buc-ee's. Its barbecue selections are among the most popular options you'll find. The brisket and pulled pork are two of the top choices of many travelers with one Redditor claiming the brisket, "is one of the best BBQ sandwiches I've ever had." Other meal options that you can order at Buc-ee's include breakfast tacos, chicken fajita tacos, and sausages on a stick.


Not hungry enough for a full meal? Don't worry; the snacks available at Buc-ee's are some of the other items that the store is most well-known for. Grab a bag of the Beaver Nuggets, beef jerky, caramel corn, or peach rings to get you through to your next stop. Or, for something a little sweeter, pick up a cinnamon roll or stop by the fudge counter.

4. Allsup's

There are more than 400 Allsup's and Yesway (the parent company) stores spread out over nine states. Locations can be found in Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. If you want to try what the chain is known for, then you'll have to order a burrito. These are a customer favorite, so much so that about 27 million of them are sold each year. One thing that makes Allsup's so special is that the burritos are fried, giving them a unique and satisfying crunch. You can also try some of the popular Chuck Wagon Taco Sauce on your burrito to get the full experience.


Allsup's burritos are so popular that the chain even sells them through its website. If you aren't lucky enough to drive by an Allsup's on your next road trip, you can order some of them to try. The available options include beef & bean and shredded beef chimichanga.

5. Maverik

Maverik, which recently expanded the number of locations it operates by acquiring Kum & Go stations, is another gas station that serves surprisingly good food. Located across 12 western states, Maverik has a lot of food options to choose from so you can keep going to your destination. Craving some pizza? Try one of the traditional or Detroit-style bonfire pizzas, such as the Hawaiian, chicken bacon ranch, or taco. The kitchen also offers buffalo chicken burritos and club or Italian sandwiches that can be served up in no time flat. If you can't tell by some of these offerings, Maverick's menu is largely inspired by Tex-Mex cuisine, a perfect fit for its western U.S. location.


Don't forget to add a side or a dessert to your order. There are several sweet baked goods, such as chocolate chip cookies, pink sugar cookie bars, donuts, and muffins, along with candies, chips, pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and more.

6. Kwik Trip

If you live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Michigan, then you've likely heard of Kwik Trip. The chain has over 800 locations in these five states. If you haven't heard of Kwik Trip and will be traveling through one of these states, then you should make it a priority to refuel and grab some tasty food at one of the locations. When you visit, you'll find that it has a lot of options to choose from, so it might be a bit difficult to decide what to try.


If you want to go with a classic entrée that is really popular, then you can't go wrong with the fried chicken. But, that is far from the only item on the menu. There are also sandwiches — like a ham and Swiss sandwich, a rib sandwich, a fish sandwich — corn dogs, hot dogs, pork egg rolls, breakfast sandwiches and burritos, and more. Plus, if you live near a Kwik Trip or will be staying near one, you could even try one of its take-home entrées, such as the beef stroganoff or fettuccine Alfredo chicken. You can also pick up some fresh produce for a healthy snack or a few scrumptious baked goods to satisfy a sweet tooth.

7. Parker's Kitchen

Parker's Kitchen is a smaller chain with only about 70 locations in South Carolina and Georgia. So, it may not be as likely that your travels will take you by one of these gas stations for foodies, but if they happen to, make sure you stop by to see what all the fuss is about. Unlike many other fast food options, Parker's Kitchen puts a high emphasis on the quality of its ingredients. Its chicken tenders, for example, are always made using fresh poultry that has never been frozen. Its chicken tenders are hand-breaded and fried in quality soy oil. Once you taste one of these chicken tenders, you'll notice the difference.


Download the Parker's Kitchen app as you're planning the visit. You can browse through the menu online and even place an order so it is ready to grab as soon as you arrive. In addition to the popular chicken tenders, you'll find that there are lots of other options to choose from. Perhaps you'll want to try one of the breakfast bowls, a real Southern treat made with grits, eggs, and the breakfast meat of your choice. If you're going to be stopping by around lunch or dinner, you might want to order the fried bone-in pork chops, cornmeal fried catfish fillets, cheeseburger, or pulled pork sandwich. The menu really is extensive, so you'll want to check it out for yourself.

8. Wawa

If you're stopping at a Wawa to fill up your tank, make sure to go inside and grab a quick bite. This gas station chain can be found along the East Coast in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. One of the things that Wawa is most well-known for is its hoagies. With both hot and cold options available in three different sizes, there is something for practically everyone to try. Try a roast beef, turkey, ham, Italian, meatball, cheesesteak, or breaded chicken hoagie.


If you're not in the mood for a hoagie, there are lots of other options to choose from. Wawa also sells breakfast burritos and quesadillas, bagel sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza, and so much more. With a mix of hot and iced beverages, you can also grab something to keep your battery full as you continue on to your final destination.

9. Sheetz

Sheetz is another chain that is concentrated along the East Coast. It has over 700 locations across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. One of the best things about Sheetz is that you can get a hot and delicious meal at any hour of the day. This can be a huge benefit if you're traveling through the night and need a little pick-me-up. You won't have to resort to just a bag of chips or a candy bar anymore.


Sheetz offers online ordering and touchscreen machines in its facilities. Using these makes it simple to order precisely what you want and also allows you to customize your purchase. That's right, Sheetz offers made-to-order food, which is certainly a welcome treat from a gas station restaurant. Customize your burger, breakfast sandwich, sub, or Shnack wrap, to match your exact preferences. You can also try some chicken strips, chicken Shwinzgz, hot dogs, bratwurst, and more. If you're watching calories or carbs, Sheetz even offers an Eat Shmart category on its menu with selections such as salads, low-calorie subs, and various breakfast offerings.

10. Stewart's Shops

If you ever happen to drive by a Stewart's gas station in New York or Vermont, pull over right away and head inside. What started in 1945 as a single ice cream store, has now expanded into over 350 locations across these two states. Having won first place at both the New York State Fair and the World Dairy Exposome you can taste some of the best ice cream flavors in New York while you fill up your tank. There are so many things to love about the ice cream from Stewart's shops, but one that ranks high among them is the fact that sprinkles are free. 


Each week, Stewarts offers special flavors. You can pick these up in a half-gallon size to bring with you if you aren't far from your final destination. If you still have a bit of a drive left ahead of you, then consider grabbing a milkshake that you can sip along the way. Don't forget to text MOO to 55678 before you go in. The company offers a free single scoop for individuals who do so!

11. Rutter's

Compared to some of the larger chains that make our list, Rutter's is rather small. There are only about 80 locations across three states: Pennsylvania, Mayland, and West Virginia (though, all but a handful are in Pennsylvania). However, the Rutter's menu offers a lot of choices to fit different cuisine preferences. From sloppy Joes, subs, burgers, pizzas, soups, salads, and lots of different appetizer options, you won't be left wanting to find something delicious to enjoy here. Plus, Rutter's has a rotating menu with limited-time special offerings. Some that have been available in the past include a peanut butter burger, loaded potato pizza, and pulled pork fries. Stop in to find out what the current specials are.


In addition to hot food, you can also take care of your grocery shopping needs when you stop by Rutter's. Pick up some staples if you're staying close by or some extra snacks to help you finish off a long drive.

12. Casey's

Do you live in the Midwest? If so, you've likely been to a Casey's before. After all, there are over 2,500 locations across 16 different states, with the highest number of stores being found in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Casey's has lots of different food options to choose from, but what this convenience store is most well-known for is the pizza. Beyond the standard cheese or pepperoni pizzas, Casey's offers several specialty pizzas, such as the BBQ brisket pizza, the taco pizza, and the chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza. You can even have pizza for breakfast with the bacon breakfast pizza, sausage breakfast pizza, or veggie breakfast pizza. Casey's also offers delivery in many areas, so it is just as easy to enjoy pizza from Casey's as it is from those other big chains you may normally order from.


You don't have to limit yourself to just pizza, however, even if that is what this gas station convenience store is best known for. Casey's also sells sandwiches, salads, wings, donuts, and sweets. 

13. Spinners, 76 Station: Sacramento, California

If you're ever near Sacramento, California, and craving a warm and gooey cinnamon roll, then you'll have to make a stop at the 76 Station on Sutterville Road. Located inside the gas station shop is a little place called Spinners. If you were to just drive by the gas station, you never would be able to guess that its modest and standard-looking shop was home to some of the best cinnamon rolls in the land. But, it is.


Spinners was founded by Larry and Sandy Taing over three decades ago. In those years, they have built up quite a reputation. People are known to hit up Spinners whenever they want a warm and delicious treat. In addition to standard cinnamon rolls, Spinners even offers specialty options, such as walnut, or apple-filled rolls. Make sure you arrive hungry, because these aren't little cinnamon rolls, either. They're nice and big to fill you up — you just might have to turn it into a meal. The little bakery also sells cookies, muffins, and other baked goods.