The Best Food Deals To Score For Super Bowl 2024

Super Bowl 2024 is on the horizon, and while the players prepare for the big game we're scouting the field for the top food deals around. (Honestly, the game, the halftime show, and even the commercials are fun to watch, but for us, the main draw is the plethora of snacks and drinks.) While you can of course whip up your famous queso blanco or fire up the grill for steaks, it's always smart to pass some of the work off to the professionals. 


In an era where it feels like prices rise with every grocery or takeout trip, it's important to snag discounts when you can. We've got you covered with a collection of the best deals for Super Bowl 2024 at your local grocery stores, takeout joints, and even some dine-in options, so no matter what your watch party looks like on the big day, it'll be a winner.

Aldi's quarterback sale is the MVP of Super Bowl savings

Aldi's aptly named "Winning Quarter Back" sale not only gives a playful nod to their iconic quarter cart system but also offers genuinely great deals. The discount grocery chain has marked down game day favorites by 25%, ensuring your Super Bowl party will be both delicious and budget-friendly. Running from January 31st to February 14th, this sale is an ideal time to boost your snack lineup without straining your wallet.


The promotion features a range of party staples including cocktail weenies, meatballs, and take-and-bake pizzas. However, it's the dips that steal the show, promising to be crowd-pleasers. While prices and availability might differ depending on your location, you can still plan to pick up standout deals such as Casa Mamita salsa for $1.69, a hummus quartet or guacamole for $3.29, and artichoke dip for $2.49, making it easy to stock up on everyone's favorite flavors for the big game.

Fazoli's for Game Day Pizza and Wings

A whopping 72% of diners surveyed by tech company HungerRush said they're planning on ordering pizza on either National Pizza Day (February 9) or Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza is a big deal on game day for a reason. Whether you're feeding a few people or a whole tailgate party, a set of pies usually does the job. 


Your local Fazoli's is a heck of a game day option, with a special combo of 10 boneless wings and a pizza at $16.99 when you use the code "Football24" online. Whoever beats whom in Super Bowl LVIII, few are going to beat that offer. And if you need some sides to go along with, the chain has plenty of salad, sub, and pasta options to round out the game day promo.

Moe's Southwest Grill meal kit deals

Known for bold flavors and fresh ingredients, a spread from Moe's Southwest Grill could be your Super Bowl eats MVP. On the big weekend, loyalty members get an exclusive 20% off any meal kit. That's a winning play for a hassle-free, delicious celebration. Whether you go for the fajita, taco, or nacho box kit, Moe's can bring the heat (or just the queso if that's not your thing) to your festivities. 


With all the common fillings, of chicken, beef, sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce, rice, cheese, and beans (guac only comes with the fajita kit), you'll feel compelled to shout out the patented, "Welcome to Moe's" as guests roll in your door. In case you're worried about how to polish off any leftover fillings, don't fret, as every kit comes with chips.

Dining in or out at Applebees

Applebee's is inviting diners to enjoy an all-you-can-eat game day feast of boneless wings, riblets, shrimp, and fries for just $14.99 a person. But if you'd rather enjoy Applebee's fare from the comfort of your living room, place an online order of at least $40 and use the code BIGGAME24 to receive 20 free boneless wings with your takeout order — a deal only good on February 11. 


However you get to that amount is totally up to you, whether you want a bevy of apps or a meal for four. What matters most, of course, is the choice of wing sauce; along with your preferred side of ranch or bleu cheese, you can choose to coat them in Garlic Parmesan, Classic Buffalo, Sweet Asian Chile, Honey BBQ, Honey Pepper, or Extra Hot Buffalo sauce.

Casey's pizza, sticks, and app offers

Though it doesn't bother with filling the airwaves like so many other national pizza chains, Casey's has come through with dinner countless times for folks in the Middle West. Don't knock this gas station pizza until you try it, because with 2,500 locations, all with piping hot pies — made to order if you like, but generally ready for the taking — you can have dinner on the table faster than you can fill up.


In celebration of both National Pizza Day and Super Bowl 2024, Casey's has several deals going. The hottest, lasting from Feb 10 to 11 is 20% off large specialty pizzas using promo code: DEAL. Additionally, from now until the 11th, you can get $3 breadsticks with the purchase of a large pizza using the code STICKS, or a small specialty food item with a large pie for $7 using the code 7DEAL. 

The Halal Guys get in the game

If something other than pizza and wings will be a welcome change to your gridiron coterie, The Halal Guys are happy to swap out your normal spread. With classic halal foods like beef, chicken, and falafel gyros and platters, as well as scrumptious sides like hummus and baba ghanoush, the redolent streetcart will never feel too far away. 


The weekend leading up to the big game, the chain is offering 10% off platter orders made in-store, whether the spread is destined for the tailgate or your dining room table. As an added bonus, if you order the restaurant's Family Meal, you get five free slices of Chocolate Baklava Cheesecake to sate fellow fans who weren't satisfied with seconds. 

To add one more level of convenience, if you make the order through Uber Eats and it's north of 35 bucks, you'll get 25% off the total by using the code "Big Bowl Game." This is an offer that's good from Feb 7 through 11, so plenty of time to plan ahead. 

Firehouse Subs' game day platters

Whether you're planning to dish out on the family card tables or in first responder headquarters, fireman-founded sandwich chain Firehouse Subs has deals that suit everyone. When you order platters through the app on game day, you get 25% off. Considering the sliced sub selections of turkey, ham, and roast beef run around $64, and the Deluxe Half Platters with subs, chips, dessert options, and drinks run about $63, you're looking at savings of about $16 for both — not too shabby at all. 


If you've got more to feed, the same 25% (basically 25 bucks off) can go toward the more decked-out mixed meat favorites combos like turkey and ham, turkey and roast beef, or the Italian classic ham, salami, and pepperoni for (normally) a neat $99.98. Firehouse is also happy to add a tuna salad or vegetarian sub to the order to accommodate your guests' dietary needs.

Mexican fusion at Bubbakoo's Burritos

Why dine out when you can cater in? You didn't buy that big-screen TV to cart the whole family off to a sports bar, right? And if Mexican fusion is your jam, a Bubbakoos Burritos near you is eager to let you put your feet up and enjoy the game. With options like burritos by the box that can include classic proteins or Nashville hot fried chicken, General Tso's chicken, or Hibachi steak, among others, you don't even have to settle for the typical Mexican fare, if you're eager to mix things up.


If everybody prefers to make up their own, you can also go with a classic taco or nacho spread — and we do mean spread. While you can get a conservative setup of your choice of protein, chips, lettuce, cheese, soft and hard taco shells and standard sides of sour cream, salsa, and pico, "The Rager" option will feed a small army that includes four proteins, beans, rice, and all the same fixings as the former. Whether you're tailgating Saturday or in-home Sunday, you can take advantage of the 10% off deal Bubbakoo's is offering on all family meal kits using the code BIGGAME10. 

Free game day delivery through Potbelly

When we think of sandwiches full of savory pork and other fillings or expertly-spun milkshakes, our minds go straight to Potbelly. The fast-casual chain is saving customers runs to and from the sandwich shop on the busy day, offering free delivery on orders over $20 when they use its website or app. 


This delivery deal is going on from February 9 through 11, and if it's your first time using the app, sign up for the rewards program, and you'll receive a free sandwich after your initial order. Whether your guests are cheering for the Chiefs or 49ers, or youngsters spectating the puppy bowl, Potbelly has your team covered with their classic eats of Avo-Turkey, the Pizza Melt, or PB&J. 

Cici's meal value packs and Piezilla

While you might think you've got a fix on which shop is going to be supplying your pizza for Super Bowl LVIII, it's worth giving Cici's game day offers a look. The dine-in buffet/takeout chain is throwing together combo packs of its favored apps and desserts with your choice of pie(s) to make throwing a party together as easy as hitting up the site through February 11. 


The intro tier at $20.99, for a small get-together, includes a 2-topping pizza of your choice, a half a dozen brownies, and a half a dozen bone-in or boneless wings. Easily double that deal for $39.99, or go for a pair of 1-topping pies to go with a single appetizer — your choice between 20 cinnamon rolls or 16 garlic cheesy bread pieces, or either the jalapeño, pepperoni, or buffalo chicken poppers for $29.99 or with 10 wings, bones in or out, for $38.99

However, the showstopper, we think, will be Cici's gargantuan 28" Piezilla, which is the biggest pizza the chain has ever put out. At right around 616 square inches of topping- and sauce-covered dough, this monster of a pizza will be cut into 64 slices and be able to feed roughly 15 people.


Zaxby's BOGO wing deal

Known best to chicken finger fiends across the southeast, Zaxby's is getting in on the game day action as well. Users of the restaurant's app Zax Rewardz, will be able to take advantage of a BOGO offer of 10 boneless wings slathered in one of eight signature Zax sauces. Do some quick price comparing, and you'll see that 20 wings for $9.69 is pretty hard to snag in- or outside of football season. 


And whether you like things on the mild end of the sauce spectrum with Sweet & Spicy, Wimpy, BBQ, or Teriyaki, the customary side of buttermilk ranch will be there to soothe mouths if you've got the moxie for Buffalo Garlic Blaze, Hot Honey Mustard, Nuclear, or Tongue Torch. While the deal is running all of Super Bowl weekend, it's only good while supplies last, so we advise putting in your order before the close of the fourth quarter. 

Sonic has BOGO Buffalo chicken dip bites

Leading up to and including Super Bowl weekend (that's February 8 to 11, if you aren't in the know) Sonic is offering fans buy-one-get-one Buffalo chicken dip bites. This applies to both online and in-person orders, but cannot be used on the 20-piece size.


All you have to do to take advantage of this promo is download the app; app users will be given a unique code to claim the deal.

Bonus: Buffalo Wild Wings brings back its popular post-Super Bowl promo

First kicked off in 2018, Buffalo Wild Wing's overtime promo is returning for Super Bowl LVIII. As in previous years, if the big game goes into overtime the chain promises to give away one six-piece order of wings to anyone who claims it.


The best part of this deal is, there is no purchase needed. All you have to do is show up at a Buffalo Wild Wings location between two and five p.m. on Monday, Feburary 26 to score a free 6-piece of the chain's traditional or boneless wings. You can get the free wings to stay or take out, but unfortunately for wing fans in a rush, the giveaway will not be honored at Buffalo Wild Wings Go locations.