An Easter Fruit Tart Adds A Sweet Twist To The Holiday Dinner Table

When it comes to the spread at Easter celebrations, you can expect a standard cast of characters — deviled eggs, ham or lamb, spring vegetables, bread, and for dessert, something seasonal like carrot cake (or Easter candy). While these foods are tasty and traditional, it doesn't hurt to liven up the party with a new addition. Enter the Easter-themed fruit tart, a vibrant and refreshing dessert option that's having a moment on social media.


Imagine a fruit pizza with a chewy cookie base, layered with sweet whipped topping and studded with fresh fruit. Now imagine it in the shape of an Easter egg or a bunny and you have an Easter fruit tart. This recipe brings light, spring-inspired flavors to the table and is easy enough for you (or even the kids in your family) to make, even amidst the inevitable pre-holiday scramble before heading to a relative's house or hosting a big party.

Crafting your own Easter masterpiece

For a demonstration of just how simple this recipe is and elegant the results are, look no further than TikTok creator @lifebyleanna's take on this trend. She starts with a premade cookie dough base, shaping it into a large egg shape on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Then, she instructs viewers to bake the jumbo cookie base at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 15 minutes. Once the cookie is cooled, a luscious layer of whipped topping and cream cheese mixture is spread across it. Finally, the tart is artfully adorned with fresh fruit in an eye-catching striped pattern.


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If you'd like to give this recipe a try at home, a few tips can take this tart to the next level. To start, making your cookie dough from scratch gives you more options for customizing the recipe and making it more flavorful. For a crispier cookie base, try banging the cookie sheet against the countertop; this deflates air bubbles and makes the cookie that much more dense and crunchy. If you prefer something softer, swap in cake flour instead of all-purpose flour in your cookie dough. Whatever type of cookie base you choose, make sure it's fully cooled before adding your cream and toppings to prevent a melty mess.


Inventive Easter tart twists

Beyond being a breeze to make, this recipe is also versatile enough to please just about any palate, starting with the base. While a sugar cookie bottom is a classic option, you can also opt for chocolate chip, birthday cake sprinkles, oatmeal, or lemon cookie dough for more flavor. The spread also leaves room for experimentation, including tangy yogurt, rich frosting, and airy whipped cream.


Shaping the base creates more options for customization — you can shape it into a large Easter egg, an Easter bunny, or individual-sized portions that your guests can decorate. Your cookie and spread provide a blank canvas for creative topping options, including fruits like sliced banana polka dots, super sweet cotton candy grapes, and a tropical rainbow of kiwi, pineapple, and mango. From the cookie base to the colorful toppings, these options are sure to please Easter party guests from the truly young to just young at heart.