Infuse Tequila With Fruit For A Refreshing Summer Cocktail

Nothing beats sitting by the pool with a fresh margarita in hand, except perhaps a spicy margarita poolside. You can always buy flavored tequila, but why not make your own? Infusing the essence of your favorite fruits into spirits is not only a great way to jazz up your summer cocktails, it's something that can add a personal touch to any adult beverage. Infusing tequila is as simple as adding the liquor to a jar of fruit, but some precautions do need to be taken to ensure your concoction will come out right. 


Grab a clean jar large enough to comfortably hold a 750 ml bottle of tequila with about a cup of fruit inside. Wash the produce thoroughly and cut it into manageable chunks if necessary. Add the fruit and the alcohol to the jar and give it a quick shake, then store it somewhere cool and dark — the fridge is perfect. In 3 to 5 days, you should have a flavorful tequila ready to sip on, though you may want to let the fruit steep longer if the taste is faint. Once your liquor has achieved the desired level of flavor, remove the fruit with a strainer and seal the lid on your newly infused tequila. Straining it with a cheesecloth or coffee filter may help the concoction last longer.

Toss the fruit and use blanco tequila

You can make infused tequila with almost any fruit you find appealing. Watermelon, strawberry, and jalapeño are popular options that will give your spirit some extra zing. Some produce you might steep in tequila can stay in the jar longer than others, but most fruits won't last long sitting in a high alcohol content. The fibers start to break down and may impart a bitter flavor to the alcohol. After the fruit has done its job, it will become mushy and unappealing, so it's best to throw it out.


As for the type of tequila to use, the best bet is to use an unaged blanco tequila or 100% blue agave. The back of the bottle will tell you if it's unaged. Because these varieties are fresh, they acquire more flavor from the product you're trying to infuse it with. How long the infusion lasts overall is a bit of a debate. Some say it lasts for months, while others say no more than a few weeks. The core of the argument lies in whether or not individuals think the added sugars and small particles of produce will disrupt the flavor as the infused tequila ages. The liquor will still be safe to consume, but it may develop a funky taste as the sugars of the fruit break down.

Creating cocktails with infused tequila

An infused tequila can be enjoyed in a myriad of refreshing summer drinks. There is always the option of adding a strawberry-saturated liquor to a frozen margarita for a boost of flavor, or you can take a pineapple-infused tequila and make a tequila sunrise with a tropical twist that will make you feel like you are at the beach. A blueberry tequila can put a nice spin on a lime ranch water drink, and a jalapeño-soaked tequila can add a welcome kick to a tart Paloma. You can also imbue spirits with various herbs and other flavors, so if an adult beverage at a summer brunch is more your thing, you could create a garlic herb-infused tequila to add to your Bloody Maria.


The next time you're having guests over for a summer BBQ, consider serving them a creative summer cocktail that will make them say, "Wow!" And if you're attempting to win a host of the year, send them home with a jar of infused tequila for themselves as a gift. Everyone appreciates the effort involved in making a homemade gift, and they'll likely want to try and recreate the memorable beverage you served them when they attended your event.