How To Make The Viral TikTok Jolly Rancher Grapes At Home

Imagine the crisp crunch of a candy apple, shrunken down into a bite-sized morsel. That's sort of what it's like to eat the internet's newest viral snack –– Jolly Rancher grapes. Juicy grapes are enveloped in a thin candy shell to create a treat that's endlessly enjoyable. As one creator demonstrates via a viral TikTok, they're easy to make too.


In the tutorial, washed and dried grapes and an array of unwrapped Jolly Ranchers are used. The candies are placed in microwavable bowls, with a separate one for each color. Then, the candy is microwaved for about a minute, until melted and bubbly. Working quickly, one flavor at a time, the creator skewers a grape, dips it in melted candy, then transfers it to a parchment paper-lined plate. A quick zap in the microwave is suggested if the candy seizes up (similar to how seized chocolate can be salvaged) and freezing the grapes is also recommended.


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Like Fruit Roll Up-wrapped watermelon, Jolly Rancher-coated grapes have gained popularity on social media recently. However, the concept is only new to you. A popular Chinese street food called tanghulu has been beloved for centuries. To make this snack, multiple pieces of fruit are stacked on a skewer and coated in clear melted sugar.

Making even better (and safer) candied grapes

Candied grapes are simple to make, but require a careful approach to avoid a sticky mess and burnt fingertips. First, opt for firm grapes to ensure they can withstand the heat of the candy. To minimize the burn risk of boiling hot sugar drips, use a container that allows you to completely dunk the grape without needing to pick it up (as demonstrated in the video). Better yet, melt the candy on the stove in a small saucepan with a handle. For an extra professional touch, use a candy thermometer to heat the candy to a precise 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


For a cleaner, more efficient approach, pre-skewer the grapes on toothpicks or short skewers, and consider drying them standing up straight or on a cooling rack. And to make the grapes even prettier, match your candy coating to the grape type –– grape or cherry Jolly Ranchers with red grapes, and apple with green. You can also go the tanghulu route and make a clear coating with boiled sugar and water instead of Jolly Ranchers, as another creator demonstrates.


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The recipe variations don't need to stop there. You can try sugary-sweet cotton candy grapes, or even different fruits like pineapples, strawberries, clementines, mangoes, or pitted cherries. Adding an extra sprinkle of crushed jolly ranchers, Nerds, or Pop Rocks to the grapes immediately after dipping can also take them up a notch and add texture.