The 10 Best Bagel Shops You Can Brunch At Around The US

Bagels are a staple in any true brunch-lover's diet. Whether you're a tried and true everything bagel fan, opt for a seasonal pumpkin spice flavor with a creative spread, or love a classic plain bagel stacked high with cream cheese and lox, there are endless options to indulge in.


However, bagels didn't become a regular addition to the U.S. dining scene until the 1960s. While there are varying stories on the origins of bagels, it is known that bagels started to appear in the United States in the 19th century when European Jews began immigrating to the country.

By the 1960s, the bagel-making machine (invented by Canadian baker Meyer Thompson in 1918) found its way to the U.S. and made bagels much easier to produce. This increased accessibility and they quickly became popular amongst the mainstream, spreading from New York City to all across the country. Today the bagel is so beloved, that it's estimated more than 200 million Americans eat bagels each year. Now you can brunch with bagels pretty much anywhere across the U.S, so here are some of the top spots.


1. El Bagel

If you find yourself in the southern tip of Florida, visit one of the best-known bagel shops in the nation: El Bagel. From its humble 2017 beginnings, in owner Matteson Koche's Little Haiti home, demand for his hand-rolled, sourdough bagels quickly grew. After five months Koche started selling his New York-style bagels out of a food truck, and in March of 2020, he opened the storefront in the MiMo neighborhood.


The trendy Miami hotspot continues to thrive and has proven itself as the perfect place to grab a hearty BEC made with maple bacon, egg, and American cheese on a fluffy bagel. Or, opt for something a bit more unique and try one of their plain or poppy seed bagels topped with zesty lemon-dill cream cheese. Either way, we recommend pairing your choice with a limonada or latte and enjoying your brunch on the restaurant's comfortable patio.

2. Call Your Mother

Call Your Mother began with owners, Chef Daniela Moreira and Andrew Dana, selling their bagels at farmer's markets. But now, their venture has grown into a thriving bagel enterprise with more than a dozen locations across the country in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Colorado.


The vibrant, fun, Call Your Mother locations are almost as appealing as their nationally recognized wood-fired bagels, which combine elements of a classic NY-style bagel and sweet Montreal-style bagels. While the bagels are delicious alone, we recommend opting for one of their signature bagel sandwiches like The Boca Club with whitefish salad, bacon, and lettuce on a sesame bagel, or try something new like The Jetski, made with brisket, pastrami, two types of cheese, and jalapeno all melted together on a cheddar bagel. If a straight-up bagel and schmear is more your style, make sure to try one of their unique cream cheese options, like Cheez-It or apple pie. 

3. Sadelle's

As a New York-inspired eatery that got its 2016 start in SoHo, it's no surprise that Sadelle's has become many people's go-to for New York-style bagels. The trend-forward eatery has the comfortable feel of an East Coast deli with the vibrant atmosphere and dedicated fanbase of a dining hotspot — just don't be discouraged by the wait, it's well worth it for a bit of their perfectly chewy bagels.


With several U.S. and international destination cities such as Paris, Riyadh, and Las Vegas, the demand for the eatery has exponentially grown. And, while it might be easy to get distracted by the menu's salads and omelet options, the bagels are a must-try for carb lovers. Have yours plain with cream cheese or enjoy it stacked to the brim with your choice of fish and options ranging from house salmon to whitefish salad and paired with tomato, cucumber, onion, and capers.

4. BBs Bagels

This best-loved Southern bagel destination brought the taste of a classic New York bagel to Atlanta back in 2007 with a recipe that involves hand rolling and kettle boiling the dough to perfection. In addition to its bagels, BBs Bagels is also known for its cozy, comfortable setting that feels like your favorite old-school diner, but one where you can also settle in and watch the sports game.


The eatery serves up all the classic bagel flavors from egg to sesame to chocolate chip, as well as some specialty flavors like French toast — all of which pair perfectly with their classic cream cheese. On the weekends, patrons can even indulge in a bread product closely related to the beloved bagel — the bialy (basically a combination of a bagel and an English muffin). If you make a visit to the Big Peach state, swing by BB's and dig into the classic smoked salmon platter which features a plain bagel with salmon and a variety of toppings including tomatoes, capers, onions, and cream cheese.

5. Eltana Bagel Cafe

While most people are familiar with New York-style bagels, fewer bagel enthusiasts have experienced the deliciousness of a wood-fired Montreal-style bagel. Seattle-based Eltanta has executed these delicacies perfectly since opening in 2010 – boiling their hand-rolled delicacies in honey water prior to wood firing in order to achieve the Montreal style's signature sweet flavor, crunchy crust, and chewy texture. 


Choose from one of almost a dozen bagel options and for an extra treat pair it with one of their inventive spreads, which range from the butter, sugar, and spice-infused butter to a fig cherry compote, and a pomegranate berry cream cheese. You can also opt for the lox plate or one of their sandwiches — which are curated for breakfast and lunch. Try the feta and pepper breakfast sandwich with arugula or the saffron chicken shwarma lunch sandwich with tomato, cucumber, and za'atar scallion cream cheese. 

6. Canter's Deli

This old-school, deli is an LA mainstay that has been around for more than 90 years and is the perfect place to brunch if you want to dine like a local while enjoying a fantastic, New York-style bagel on the West Coast. Plus, in true Los Angeles fashion, the deli even has a gluten-free version of its famous bagels, making it a must-visit for any gluten-averse bagel lovers.


While the bagels here typically come as a side, they're delicious and hearty enough to be a main dish. The bagel options include such flavors as jalapeno cheese – served as part of The Spicy, which includes pastrami, pepper Jack cheese, and spicy mustard. Or, diners can have a more substantial meal and enjoy their bagel as part of one of Canter's fish plates which come with tomatoes, onions, and olives and a variety of fish options that include white fish, sable, lox, and smoked salmon. 

7. Rosen's Bagel Co.

While Austin might not be top of mind when you're thinking of cities with great bagels, Rosen's Bagel Co. is changing that. Since launching as a pop-up store in 2017, it's become a central Texas go-to with its perfectly baked bagels that come in a variety of delicious flavors like rosemary, cinnamon raisin, and parmesan.


Whether you opt for a rosemary bagel with garlic dill schmear, a blueberry bagel with almond pancake schmear, or something entirely different, the unique lineup of bagel and schmear flavors offers a nearly endless number of combinations. Not to mention, the breakfast sandwich options include the Not A Taco crafted with fried egg, chorizo, avocado, pickled red onion, cilantro, and their sunrise sauce on a jalapeno cheddar bagel. Plus, the two stylish locations are inviting enough to make you want to spend all morning there enjoying your bagel creation and sipping coffee.

8. Mindy's Bakery

Baked goods enthusiasts will feel like they've died and gone to heaven upon entering Mindy's Bakery with its impressive assortment of croissants, donuts, and most importantly — bagels. The bakery is led by the James Beard Foundation-recognized chef Mindy Segal, who became known for her restaurant HotChocolate, which was a Chicago staple for 15 years.


Mindy's Bakery, which opened just last year in 2022, has already become a Chicago favorite, offering a cozy space perfect for sipping one of their signature hot chocolates while indulging in a bagel, or two. While most of the bagel flavors are classics, such as plain, sesame, and everything, the cream cheeses are one of a kind, offered in flavors like Giardiniera and chive pesto. Just make sure to pair whatever you order with one of their signature hot chocolate blends which come in classic hot chocolate, dark chocolate, or Mexican chocolate.

9. Perly's Restaurant & Delicatessen

Perly's is known for serving up delicious Jewish-style delicatessen fare for several decades — and for being one of Guy Fieri's favorite Virginia restaurants. The more than 60-year-old restaurant — which endured only a brief hiatus – has an extensive menu that features a selection of bagels and bagel sandwiches ordered directly from New York City. Bagel lovers have a small but tasty list of options that include a classic bagel and fish, or the tuna schmelt made with dill and caper tuna salad, tomato, red onion, and melted provolone cheese on a sesame bagel. 


Plus, the retro delicatessen is perfect for a lively brunch with friends thanks to its modern, deli-style atmosphere and a variety of fun cocktails such as the Larry David crafted with the diner's choice of vodka or gin, celery soda, and celery seed or the Sally Baskin made with whisky, cardamom, bitters, Earl Grey syrup, and lemon.

10. Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen

Saul's has been a beloved Jewish eatery in the Berkeley area for nearly 40 years, known for serving up authentic Jewish cuisine long before others in the area followed suit. However, one step inside will make it clear that the trend-forward delicatessen isn't stuck in the past and is instead offering a retro atmosphere and creative dishes. 


Its bagel offerings include must-try dishes that prominently feature its bagels — which are now house-made as of earlier this year. Choices include two savory bagel sandwich options — the mushroom egg bagel topped with scrambled eggs, greens, cheddar cheese, and chili crisp as well as the salami egg bagel topped with an egg over medium, sauteed greens, and zhoug (a spicy cilantro sauce). Pair your sandwich choice with a cup of hot coffee or their Bloody Maury crafted with vodka, tomato, horseradish, lemon, and pickle brine for the perfect low-key brunch.