13 Best And 11 Worst Super Bowl Food Commercials Of 2024

Ah, the Super Bowl. Of course, a lot of people were invested in the football game itself — wondering whether the Kansas City Chiefs could pull off back-to-back wins or if the San Francisco 49ers would come out victorious? However, football wasn't the only thing on everyone's mind when it came to the Super Bowl 2024. And, no, we're not talking about a famous singer who was cheering from the stands this year. We're talking about the commercials. 


It seems like nearly as many people tune in to watch the commercials as those watching the football game itself. We evaluated all the food commercials of Super Bowl LVIII — from brands like Doritos, Oreo, and Popeyes — based on humor, emotion, and feedback from everyday individuals. Read out to learn more about some of the best and worst commercials from the big game. Did you get to watch all of these live? If not, here's your second chance.

Best: Popeyes commercial with Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong is known for his comedic talents, so it shouldn't be a surprise that his partnership with Popeyes for Super Bowl LVIII resulted in an entertaining commercial. The commercial centers around Jeong's character, who was frozen in a cryogenic chamber in 1972 waiting for "perfection."


And, the 2024 release of Popeyes new product met that standard of perfection he was waiting for. Jeong emerges from the chamber to experience more than just the new Popeyes wings. He's also in for a surprise with the many advances in technology that took place during the 52 years he was frozen. His interactions with the latest technology — including a "frightening" robot vacuum cleaner — make for a hilarious ad.

Worst: Dr. Pepper Fansville Commercial

Dr. Pepper missed the mark a bit with their commercial during Super Bowl 2024. In the ad, a transfer portal opens up in Fansville. The strong portal is pulling members of the football team into an unknown and potentially dangerous parallel dimension.


Suddenly, the strength of the portal threatens the team's starting quarterback, which gets some bystanders concerned. One man rushes to help pull the quarterback out of the grip of the portal, but when he is asked to give him his other hand for more resistance, he points out that his Dr. Pepper is in that hand. The strength of the portal wins out, with the quarterback shouting back "That's OK! I understand!" The message this commercial sends that a person is more replaceable than a beverage is a bit upsetting.

Best: Mountain Dew commercial with Aubrey Plaza

This Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial featuring Aubrey Plaza gets fans excited that Baja Blast is available in stores, and not just at Taco Bell anymore. In it, Aubrey Plaza is "having a blast" while dealing with less than enjoyable situations, such as at a kid's party when being hit with pool noodles and being stuck in an elevator.


Plaza's deadpan delivery is highly amusing and she also managed to get the point across that you can still have a good time, even when faced with something negative, as long as you have Mountain Dew's Baja Blast by your side. If you weren't already a fan of Baja Blast, this commercial might be enough to get you excited to try one (deadpan delivery not included). 

Worst: Drumstick commercial with Eric André

Drumstick's commercial with Eric André wasn't all that funny. In the ad, André, who is on a plane, appears to be suffering from a medical emergency. One of the flight attendants calls out for a doctor to help.


Dr. Umstick answers the call and opens his medical bag, which is carefully packed with Drumstick ice cream cones chilled by ice. Instead of somehow saving André with his delicious ice cream, Dr. Umstick proceeds to eat a cone (as do the other passengers and crew on the flight). Everyone is seemingly unconcerned with the fate of the sick man. Even a legitimate doctor decides chomp the Drumstick instead of helping André.

Best: DoorDash All the Ads commercial

Many people think of DoorDash as a meal delivery service only. However, this year's commercial was designed to help viewers shift their focus to see that the company can bring so much more than just food to their doors. In the Super Bowl LVIII commercial, DoorDash announced that it is holding a sweepstakes where viewers can enter to win "all the ads."


The company will "DoorDash" all the snacks, automobiles, tax services, and other advertised items to the door of the winner. The sweepstakes itself and the message behind it that "DoorDash can DoorDash pretty much everything" should help get viewers excited. Between the excitement generated by the sweepstakes and the entertaining way DoorDash chose to share it with viewers, the ad was among the most exciting ones to watch during the big game. Just make sure you enter the long promo code correctly for your chance to win!

Worst: Bud Light Genie commercial

This Bud Light commercial starts with a man opening his fridge — full of Bud Light, of course — to discover that one of the bottles is vigorously shaking. He removes the bottle to discover that it houses the "Bud Light Genie" who proceeds to grant wishes for him and his friends.


The group travels to a bar where the genie continues granting wishes — including one guest's request for Peyton Manning to be his best friend. With all the different (strange) wishes being granted, the commercial just seems a bit all over the place and doesn't have all that much to do with Bud Light. The beer itself may be taste good to many people but it's not making anyone's wishes come true. Keep it simple and maybe a little more humble next time, Bud. 

Best: Hellmann's Mayo Cat commercial

Kate McKinnon — famous for her roles in Saturday Night Live and Barbie — teamed up with Hellman's mayonnaise and a cat to put together a golden Super Bowl commercial. In the commercial, McKinnon's cat "speaks" to give her some inspiration for what she can do with all the leftover food in her fridge (hint: it involved Hellmann's Mayonnaise as the secret ingredient).


After discovering her cat's magical powers, McKinnon and Mayo Cat make appearances on morning talk shows, do book signings, and collaborate to spread the news about how Hellmann's can save the day and prevent food waste. All the hype around Mayo Cat is humorous, but the commercial also has a good message to help prevent food waste and find creative new ways to combine ingredients. It even throws a jab at Pete Davidson — the star of last year's Hellmann's Super Bowl commercial — and his dating life. Spoiler: Mayo Cat dumps him. 

Worst: Nerds commercial with Addison Rae

The Nerds commercial for Nerds Gummy Clusters features a giant gummy dancing to Irene Cara's "What a Feeling." As he dances, the gummy pulls a lever, releasing tons of tiny Nerd candies, that promptly cover every inch of him.


At the end, Addison Rae is seen popping a Nerd Gummy Cluster into her mouth as she smiles at the commercial. There was a teaser to this ad which showed Rae teaching someone the choreography later leading people to speculate who she was instructing. But, it all came off rather cheesy, and, as one Instagram commenter said, "When has Nerds been dancing related?" We tend to agree. It just seems a bit like a half-attempt from the brand to be more relevant. 

Best: Budweiser iconic Clydesdale horses commercial

If you've been watching Super Bowl commercials for the past few decades, then you probably remember some of the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horse commercials. Well, good news, these "American icons" (including a Golden Labrador) as one YouTube commenter put it, were back this year.


And, the horses played a much more prominent role in the commercial than they did last year, which left fans yearning for more. The Clydesdales come to the rescue, helping deliver Budweiser to a local bar during a snowstorm when the delivery drivers would have otherwise been unable to bring the people their favorite beverage. Another YouTuber commenter added, "I just get chills, maybe a few tears when I watch the majestic Clydesdales and I'm glad they brought the dog back too." It was heartwarming and provided a bit of nostalgia that was sadly lacking in Super Bowl 2024 commercials this year.

Worst: Starry It's Time to See Other Sodas commercial

This is another commercial that is just a bit over the top. As a beautiful lady (Ice Spice) is sitting in a bar cuddling with Lem and Lime, Starry's mascots, her ex-boyfriend shows up.

The ex, who is called simply lemon lime soda, proceeds to get teary-eyed seeing his one-time girl having fun without him. He starts pleading and professing his love as his head explodes and soda starts streaming out. All of it was just a bit strange and the special effects on the ex-boyfriend's head were borderline gruesome.


Best: M&M's Ring of Comfort commercial

M&M's commercial hit home with many who made it to the Super Bowl LVIII (or had their team make it there), but didn't quite seal the deal and win the game. These near-victors missed out on getting the highly-coveted Super Bowl ring, but M&M's is helping to make that loss sting a little less.


In the commercial, featuring Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith (who all made it to the big game in years past, but didn't win), M&M's shows that their Peanut Butter M&M's are more than just delicious — they can be crushed and processed to make an "Almost Champions Ring of Comfort" for these football greats. The commercial is amusing with the commentary of the Red, Green, Yellow, and Brown M&M's, and the surprise appearance of Scarlett Johansson who reminds us she "lost two Oscar races," to which the Red M&M hilariously points out, "in the same year!" All very fun and with a touch of humility. 

Best: Doritos Dinamita commercial with Jenna Ortega

Whether you're a fan of "Wednesday," just enjoy a good suspense-filled movie, or love anything and everything Doritos-related, then this commercial is for you. In it, Jenna Ortega and her abuelas — Dina and Mita — are shopping at the grocery store. As Jenna walks away to get something, Dina and Mita eye the last bag of Doritos Dinamita sitting on the shelf, only to watch it snatched up by another shopper.


In a thrilling chase, the pair follows the man to his home and eventually zip line down to grab the bag right out of his hands. This commercial was certainly entertaining and sent the message about how important it is to get your hands on a bag of the new Doritos Dinamita before they're gone! It also shows two older women, who could be deemed feeble or unempowered, taking charge and getting what they want (namely the chips). 

Worst: Silk commercial with Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner makes a comeback from his snow plow injury just over a year ago in this commercial from Silk. And, while parts of it are entertaining, the ad just seemed a bit lackluster.

Renner is dancing around the kitchen as he makes a smoothie using Silk almond milk, but it all feels a bit forced. As Renner is hopping around, the Silk bottle is tipping over and pouring itself. It's just a bit too far fetched. We would have liked something a little more high stakes and packed — it's what Renner does best. 


Best: Lindt Lindor Truffles Life is a Ball commercial

Over 60 years ago, "Round and Round" by Perry Como was at the top of the music charts. The song was brought back into the lives of listeners through 2024's Super Bowl Lindt commercial, which follows one of the brand's famous ball-shaped truffles traveling throughout town and spreading joy to everyone it encounters.


The commercial is upbeat and inspires people to celebrate — and enjoy the chocolatey goodness of Lindt Lindor Truffles — with the one they love, as Como's song suggests. Who doesn't love smooth and rich chocolate? And, who doesn't love, well ... love? This combo was a surefire hit. 

Worst: Oikos commercial with Martin Lawrence & Shannon Sharpe

The Oikos Super Bowl LVIII commercial was just a little too far-fetched to be all that humorous. Martin Lawrence & Shannon Sharpe are out golfing, but their golf cart ends up in the water. When muscular Shannon Sharpe suggests calling a tow truck, Lawrence, who is eating some Oikos yogurt, calls him out for having "show muscles."


Lawrence tells Sharpe to "hold my Oikos," and lifts the golf cart out of the water. The message is supposed to be that the high protein content of Oikos can make you strong, but again, it just isn't close enough to reality to be funny. Also the tag line "You're crazy" was in poor taste, as it possibly referred to an incident when the comic was seen, in the '90s, running in the streets and shouting at cars.

Best: Star-studded Uber Eats commercial

This year's Uber Eats commercial found a humorous way to get people to remember that the brand delivers more than just food. In the beginning of the commercial, Jennifer Aniston's assistant hands her an Uber Eats bag with groceries and other non-food items and remarks that she didn't know you could order all that stuff from Uber Eats and that she'd have to remember it. Aniston then tells her that "in order to remember something, you have to forget something else."


The rest of the commercial humorously portrays other individuals forgetting basic knowledge, like when Victoria Beckham forgets that she was one of the Spice Girls and thinks the group was called the Cinnamon Sisters or when a man forgets how to sit in a chair properly. At the end of the commercial, Aniston forgets working with David Schwimmer for 10 years on "Friends." This commercial was funny and effective at helping viewers remember all that they can order through Uber Eats.

Worst: STōK Cold Brew commercial with Sir Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins turns in a typically captivating performance in this commercial for STōK Cold Brew. The only problem is, the ad doesn't seem to have much to do with the beverage at all.

It starts with Hopkins giving himself a pep talk in the mirror and trying to figure out who he really is. Later, he dons a dragon costume and runs down a soccer field. The only indication at this point that the ad is related to coffee is the signage for STōK around the perimeter of the field. We were more interested in Hopkin's performance than the actual product. So, this ad just didn't quite make the mark.


Best: Dunkin' DunKings commercial

You might remember Super Bowl 2023's commercial with Ben Affleck working at a Dunkin' drive thru. In it, his wife, Jennifer Lopez, drives through to the window to ask him what he's doing working there. Well, the tables were turned in this year's commercial when Affleck showed up at Lopez's work in the recording studio.


Except, he wasn't alone. He brought some friends who dressed up with him as the DunKings. The group performs for Lopez and her team, with Matt Damon being a bit reluctant and apologetic for Affleck's behavior. All in all, it was an entertaining and star-studded win for Dunkin' again this year. Affleck's attempts at dancing were a highlight and the "DunKings" moniker just made us giggle. 

Worst: Coors Light Chill Train commercial

As a group gathers to watch the big game in this commercial on person shows up wearing a different colored jersey to everyone else potentially ruining the watching experience. Then, one of the hosts breaks the ice by asking if anyone would like a Coors Light. This question signals the Coors Light Chill Train to start racing down the mountain and to their house to deliver the ice-cold beer to the party.


As the train travels, it passes through other towns, covering everything with a layer of ice and leaving people — including Lainey Wilson –with a chilled beer in their hands. At the end of the ad, the train crashes through the home. LL Cool J, the driver, hooks everyone up with a Coors Light. It was mildly entertaining but just doesn't make the cut for one of the best commercials. Although the burgeoning jersey rivalry was quashed by the arrival of the beer, it was a bit incongruous for the train to deliver beers to any and everyone on its journey. And, everyone in the house seemed weirdly unphased by the wreckage left behind after the locomotive crashed through the wall.

Best: Oreo Twist on It commercial

Oreo knows that nearly everyone loves "twisting" their delicious chocolate and cream-filled cookies, and the company leaned into that fact in its Super Bowl 2024 commercial. However, the act of twisting was for more than just eating the cookies. Instead, it was used to make crucial decisions based on which side the cream landed on.


The hilarious ad shows the guardians of the gates of Troy "twisting on it" to decide whether to let the Trojan Horse through. Kris Jenner is also shown "twisting on it" to decide whether to agree to have her family featured on television. The ad is creative, ties in with historic and current events, making for a uniquely funny commercial.

Worst: Reese's Big Change commercial

Who doesn't love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? They're so popular that the company hardly needs to advertise, but they're trying to change things up a bit. In the commercial, the narrator announces "We're making a big change to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups." The scene cuts to a Super Bowl party where all the guests immediately start screaming, "Noooooooooo," knocking over tables, punching the walls, and expressing their anger in other ways.


Then, when the narrator shares that the "big change" is adding a layer of caramel to the delicious mix of chocolate and peanut butter, everyone's attitude changes. They start screaming "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and work to clean up the damage they had caused earlier. There are a few more back and forths throughout the ad of "Noooo," and "Yeah," when more information about the new cups is shared. The joke got a bit old after the first couple of times so it doesn't quite make our list of best ads of Super Bowl 2024.

Best: Pringles commercial with Chris Pratt

When Chris Pratt — who has suddenly grown as mustaches — goes to purchase a can of Pringles at a convenience store, he questions the clerk who points out the uncanny resemblance between him and Mr. P. However, after she posts a picture of him holding the can of Pringles, it goes viral with everyone commenting on how he looks just like the face on the can.


Apparently, the resemblance is so strong that Pratt is even able to unlock his phone by holding the can up for face recognition. At the end of the commercial, we get to see Pratt starring in a movie playing Mr. P. With Pratt's excellent self-deprecating humorous performance and the escalation of the circumstances, this proved to be a well-thought-out and executed commercial.

Worst: Michelob Ultra commercial with Leo Messi

In this Michelob Ultra commercial, soccer legend Lionel Messi steps up to a beachside bar to order a beer. When the Michelob Ultra tap is empty, he tells the bartender that he'll wait for her to replace it. While he's waiting, a soccer ball just happens to roll to his feet.


This ensures an entertaining game of soccer along the water's edge. Dan Marino makes another appearance in the Super Bowl 2024 commercials by throwing the soccer ball back to Messi when it ends up in his boat. The problem? What does any of this have to do with beer? Without the shot of the Michelob Ultra tap at the beginning, you're likely to forget what brand was even sponsoring the ad.

Best: Poppi The Future of Soda is Now commercial

Poppi's Super Bowl LVIII commercial was entertaining and effective at sending the message the brand wanted to share with customers: "This will be the last moment that you ever think of soda as being a dirty word." The commercial flashes through several innovations throughout history, focusing on how Poppi is innovating soda.


They highlight that Poppi doesn't have any of the "bad stuff," and instead has "all the flavor." The commercial is relevant and connected to the product and delivers a clear message, an all-around good combination. Plus the nostalgia invoked by traversing historical achievements (even a young child blowing out birthday candles) helped secure this commercial on our best list.


To help us categorize Super Bowl LVIII commercials, we considered several different criteria. First, we started by reading through articles about the ads and searched for reviews from fans and critics to see what they had to say. 


We also watched the commercials ourselves and used our opinions, combined with those we had read from other viewers, to decide whether they qualified as one of the best or worst commercials for this year.