Nancy Mock

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Worcester, MA
University Of Vermont
Recipe Development, Baking & Cooking, Regional Food
  • Nancy Mock launched her food blog, Hungry Enough To Eat Six, in 2014 — the name was inspired by a Yogi Berra quote as well as her passion for food.
  • Along with her recipes and writing, Nancy's food photography is featured on Taste Of Home in tantalizing shots of dishes like Marry Me Chicken, fudgy 100 Hour Brownies, and garlicky homemade Pesto.
  • In 2016, Nancy won the Grand Prize in the National Girl Scouts Cookie Recipe Contest for her recipe, Trefoils Toffee & Chocolate Bark with Toasted Almonds.


Nancy has shared her home cooking and baked goodies with friends and family her entire life. She launched her website Hungry Enough To Eat Six in 2014, where she develops fun and welcoming recipes for indulgent comfort foods and baked treats inspired by her Vermont roots and Irish heritage. Her most popular recipes include Irish Brown Bread, Ocracoke Island Fig Cake, and a Lemon Margarita. Nancy's recipes have appeared on local television and in area newspapers. She has been a freelance food writer and food photographer since 2017 and joined Static Media in 2021. Her recipes, writing, and food photography can be seen on Mashed, Taste Of Home, Reader's Digest, and Birds and Blooms. Nancy enjoys delving into food history, trying recipes inspired by pop culture, finding the stories behind regional dishes, and traveling with her family to find new spots for delicious food. She also loves to hunt for vintage cookbooks from the last century to add to her growing collection.


Nancy has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Vermont. She has continued her education to expand her skills and knowledge through numerous classes in baking as well as courses in food styling and food photography.

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